Rock Paper Cities

Rock Paper Cities

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Rock Paper Cities (03.10.2019)

Rock Paper Cities is an energetic rock band out of Omaha & Lincoln, Nebraska. We are hardworking, disciplined and determined to be known as the one of the best rock groups in the Midwest. Rock Paper Cites songs are up beat, fun, and catchy. Keeping an audience captivated has never been a problem of ours. Shows we play are always fun and engaging to our audience. Rock Paper Cities takes a revolutionary approach towards the music industry by mixing hard rock with a a blues, punk, and funk influences, which produces an experience that makes our shows truly worth remembering.

We are looking to grow and expand our presence in the Midwest are currently playing live at least 2 times per month and steadily growing our fan base. Rock Paper Cites is currently working on mastering our live music performance to create an amazing stage presence at every venue. We are also working on recording a full length album and developing our merchandise.

RPC is looking to explode our success in the local area and we all aspire to perform on the level of the musicians who we look up too the most. We hope to inspire others by building a community of people that are crazy about rock music and encourage fans to come out and have a great time every show. We aim to have every concert be a unique experience, packed full of fun with an underlying theme, event or giveaway/contest.  We are focused on becoming a leader in the rock genre in the midwest and on bringing people together that share an interest in our music. We are aiming to draw in large crowds each show and we plan on doing this by playing alongside other great bands in our area to add more appeal. We will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and want to give fans an experience they can remember.

Rock Paper Cities is focused on becoming a leader in the rock genre in the Midwest and bringing people together that share a common interest in our music. Our aim is to draw crowds of at least 300 fans each and every show and teamed up with rest of bands goal is to pack the venue. We are looking to team up with the best people in the entertainment industry and would love to talk more about how we can mutually benefit each other in the future.